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Open joint-stock company "Penzadieselmash"- a large, specialized manufacturer of diesel engines and turbochargers, as well as complete units for Diesel Factory, founded in 1949.

"Penzadieselmash" is a part of the group  Transmashholding" (, the largest Russian company, which unites the leading enterprises of transport engineering.


Over the past since its foundation 66 years of "Penzadieselmash" turned into a large modern industrial enterprise, with modern
equipment and high technology to ensure the production of sophisticated products of stable quality.

The plant remains the only great enterprise in Russia, which provides diesel generators type D50 and turbo (turbo), rail transport, shipbuilding, diesel, teplovozostroenie and other industries.

Penza diesel plant is also known as one of the leading manufacturers of turbochargers. Today the 5 main types of turbochargers for diesel-type TK, marine, stationary, automotive diesel engine 200-400 hp.
Many Diesel plants in Russia and abroad complement their products turbochargers "Penzadieselmash". Reliability, durability (blades and turbine disks are made of heat resistant materials), plain bearings made of special bronze in the modern high-precision equipment.
The authority of "Penzadieselmash" and widely recognized products of the plant are provided with modern design, technical solutions, the introduction of advanced technologies, using a special, unique equipment.

Quality Penza diesels and turbochargers very high.

Penza diesel plant now issued more than 3000 units of diesel generators for ships of sea and river fleet, established on 27 types of ships, including passenger liner "Shota Rustaveli" and research vessels "Akademik Sergei Korolev and Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Products and activities
         Diesels D50 (diesel engines 1 PD4A, 1-PD4D, 5DG50M, 6DG50M marine diesel engines, stationary power sources PD5), repair and overhaul of diesel engines.
         Turbochargers (for locomotive and marine diesel engines, stationary power sources, heavy dump trucks, gas motor compressors), repair and overhaul of turbochargers.
         Spare parts for diesel engines and turbochargers, product-operation under orders from other manufacturers.
         Water and oil pumps, flexible couplings and the modulator, BARRING mechanisms, pistons and other products for the assembly of diesel engines of various sizes.

Consumers of JSC "Penzadieselmash" - mainly companies from Russia and CIS countries. The largest of them: RZD, Bryansk Engineering Plant, Kolomna Machine-Building Plant, "Volgodizelmash (Balakovo). Permanent foreign customers: enterprises of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Cuba.

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