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Our history

In 2014, the collective enterprise of JSC "Penzadieselmash" said the landmark date for him - the 65 anniversary of the founding of the plant. The term is relatively small, but for the workers of the enterprise - this is a very significant event, it's their past, present and future. A few decades ago on the outskirts of the city, virtually deserted and swampy areas, there is a new familiar to modern human industrial landscape. In more than half a century plant, like a drop of water, reflected postwar reconstruction period of the country, formation and development of domestic enterprises.
After the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet state faced the task - as soon as possible to reverse its effects: to restore the national economy, to strengthen the Soviet Army and Navy. That is why on Nov. 8, 1948 The Council of Ministers adopted a decree number 4176-1673ss on construction in the city of Penza, machine-building factory to produce the main types of marine diesel engines 30D, 33D and 37D with a capacity of 2,000 horsepower for submarines, sea hunters and other ships of the Military Navy. According to this decision, the plant was given the code name - "Plant № 243.
From the date of its inception the plant was and remains the only enterprise in the country, producing diesel-type D50 1000-1200 horsepower capacity for railway and water transport of the country.
The plant began to build with July 1, 1949 Its construction was entrusted Penza Building Trust № 48.
Given the importance of a plant in the country's defense, taking care of his staff leading the Ministry's specialists. At the expense of other plants in the Penza branch sent the most qualified engineers to head of engineering services and shops.
The first trial smelting metal in a workshop was held May 31, 1954, and in late December, he began regular production of cast iron.
In December 1956 the Penza factory № 243 was renamed in Penza diesel plant.
In the spring of 1957 at a testing station began commissioning works for commissioning of the equipment and started assembling the first two marine diesel D50S.
In mid-April, the first engine was installed on the bench for testing.
In 1957 was established organ of the party, trade union, Komsomol committees and the administration of the enterprise - large-circulation newspaper factory "motorman". The first edition of the newspaper with a circulation of 1000 copies was released August 28, 1957.
Needs of the economy in diesel technology, manufactured by the Penza diesel, is extremely high. Diesel engines are designed to equip heavy shunting locomotives operated in the Ministry of Railways, on the mining, metallurgical and other industries, marine and river vessels for various purposes.

Diesel generators are finding their destiny as stationary and mobile power. Very wide range of turbochargers for diesel engines boost - without these products are not able to dispense diesel-engine industry.
Penza diesel plant produced diesel generators for ships of sea and river fleet of more than 2200 units installed on 27 types of vessels for various purposes, including, at a famous passenger liner as "Shota Rustaveli", ships, "Sergei Korolyov and Yuri Gagarin" associated with space exploration.
To maintain the competitiveness of their products Penza diesel plant ever mastered the production of modern generations of diesel engines.
The basic diesel production plant also includes water and oil pumps, flexible couplings, snubber, BARRING mechanisms, pistons and other products, is constantly supplied to complete the type D100 diesel produced by the plant to them. V.A. Malysheva (Kharkiv) and type 49, produced by the plant to them. V.V. Kuibyshev (Kolomna).
Since the release of first products, Penza diesel plant mastered the production and release 112 modifications developed SKBT turbochargers 10 sizes for 92-x type diesels and gas engines, diesel-engine manufactured by companies in the sector.

More than 30 years the factory supplies its products for export. It all began with the fact that in 1963 the plant was charged with manufacture and supply the Bryansk Engineering Works 40 diesel generators PD1 to equip locomotives destined for shipment to Cuba.
Dedicated efforts of the collective enterprise aimed at improving the technical level and quality of production to ensure the assignment of 8 products produced by the State Quality Mark, including diesel generators and PDG1M 18DG. Penza diesel generators and turbochargers were repeatedly shown on the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. For the development and introduction of a diesel generator and a number of modifications 18DG turbocharger plant in 1973 was awarded a diploma of the Soviet Era.
Advanced technologies, technological advances have allowed the plant to withdraw products on a global level. Serious competition to Germany's MAN had Penza dizelestroiteli on in November 1997 in Delhi (India) International Exhibition on small energy.

Over the past since its foundation 68 years old diesel plant has produced more than 20,5 thousand of diesel generators and more than 205,000 turbochargers. Now established JSC "Penzadieselmash" products are available in 60 countries, where it enjoys a high reputation.




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